An Explanation

Don't take the site too seriously. If you like guns, you'll probably understand. If you don't like guns, you probably won't. However, what the press sometimes misses in their stories about gun owners and their passion, (frequently focusing on hunting or self-defense), are the love of the engineering, the precision, the case colors, the grain of the wood, the color of charcoal blue, the history or provenance, and just the feel of something tangible and functional in your hand. And yes, oh yes, there is the notion that you can buy, hold, sell for a profit, donate it to charity, or pass it down to your kids. All without ever touching a single round of ammunition (which can be very collectible in its own right).

Included in the website are photos of some of the things in my personal collection, which is certainly modest by some standards, considerable by others. No matter. I have a Curios & Relics license, which allows me to sell and acquire interesting guns for the betterment of my collection. It is not a license to deal in firearms, and I am not a dealer.

The prices shown for each item are merely estimates of the gun's value on the day I post the picture. I might update the values, might not. If you're interested in acquiring it, just send me an email and maybe we can work something out. I'm happy to help someone else build on their collection as I continue to build mine. All BATF rules for transferring will be followed strictly. Click here to send an email.

Nothing on this website is either a solicitation, or should be considered investment advice, as none is being offered. Lastly, courteous correspondence is always appreciated, including suggestions for links, text or clarification. It will probably always be a work in progress.