Kel-Tec CNC, Inc.
PMR-30    .22 WMR
22 Magnum with 30-round magazine
Estimated Year: 2012      Estimated value: $600.00
This is an unusual gun in that there are only a few auto pistols chambered for the .22 magnum cartridge. This is a brand new, unfired example, and it comes from the factory with a 30-round magazine, which made it extremely coveted during the gun frenzy early in 2013. MSRP on this gun was $436, but at gun shows I witnessed offers of $1,000 being turned down. Prices have settled down now, much closer to MSRP. With its picatinny rail, light weight and high capacity magazines carrying inexpensive ammo, it is easy to see why a frenzy might affect this little auto pistol.