P-30    .22 WMR
Grendel .22 Mag Auto, 30 Rnd Mag.
Estimated Year: 1993      Estimated value: $500.00
This is one of the few auto pistols made to chamber the .22 magnum cartridge. These are popular when AR-15ís are threatened because the .22 magnum is fairly powerful, and much less expensive. It would be fairly easy to get a small collection of all of the .22 mag. pistols, there are only 4-5 available at this time. The Grendel comes standard with a 30-round magazine, which makes for some of its popularity. However, it is not necessarily ( in my opinion) a beautiful gun. This one comes with its box and owners manual and one magazine. This is one where the value can drift up or down $200 in a short time period depending on the political climate.