Single Action Army (SAA)    .45 LC
1964 Colt Plated Wyatt Earp Commemorative Buntline
Year: 1964      Estimated value: $4,000.00
This is one of the earliest of the Colt commemorative series guns, its 4th year of commemorative production, and in a very limited run of only 150 ever produced. This one is much harder to find than the 1971 Wyatt Earp Buntline commemorative of which 500 were produced. This model is a gold plated Colt SAA Buntline .45 caliber revolver commemorating Wyatt Earp, sporting a 12 barrel, which is marked WYATT EARP BUNTLINE SPECIAL on the left side. Grips are black rosewood, case is black with a gold plate gunfighter motif in the center of the lid, and having a green velvet interior. This is a stunning and rare gun. The condition of this example is imperfect, showing light handling wear, and it appears the gun has been cocked twice based on cylinder turn marks. The gold plating appears to be thinner in some spots than others.