Woodsman Match Target 2nd Series    .22LR
Minty 2nd Series Match Target Woodsman
Year: 1948      Estimated value: $1,500.00
It is a rarity to find a drop-dead mint condition gun this old without its box. It is in its factory original finish and condition, with sharp lettering and edges. There is virtually zero wear on this gun anywhere. This one is the 6 barrel model, the 2nd issue with its 1911-style magazine release. This is much handier than either the 1st or 3rd models with the mag. release at the bottom of the grips. These Coltwood plastic grips are fabulous. Collectors love pristine Colts and this is as good as they come for a 65-year old auto pistol. Price appreciation is about 40+% during the past 10 years.