Single Action Army (SAA)    32-20
Original 5 1/2" Blue, First Gen. SAA
Year: 1905      Estimated value: $3,500.00
This is a very nice 100+ year old Single Action, on the pre-1920 style frame, serial numbers still visible on the butt, frame, and triggerguard. I like these .32ís because they have low recoil, and more steel for sturdiness than the big bore guns. Still, the big bores are generally better investments, all else being equal. This one shows very nice case colors remaining in protected areas, and plenty of its charcoal blue, especially at the bottom of the barrel. Overall this one would rate at about 40% original finish remaining. Something to watch for on these old SAAs ( and most guns in general) are the extremely sharp edges where the backstrap, triggerguard pieces match up to the frame. There should be no rounding of the edges, should fit seamlessly. Also 1st and early 2nd gen SAA grips should fit perfectly as they were individually fitted to each gun.