1894 Army    .38 LC
Nice DA, 1901 Lanyard Conversion
Year: 1901      Estimated value: $650.00
This is a very modest example of an old Colt DA military revolver that was reworked, converted with a lanyard added about 1901, shot and not considered a “safe queen” by at least one of its previous owners. The left grip panel is chipped, the finish is well worn. The barrel, cylinder, and frame are stamped with Rinaldo A. Carr’s initials “R.A.C”. Carr was a civilian employee of the Army’s Ordinance Dept. and inspected various parts for Colt. What is extremely rare about this revolver are the numbers – the assembly number of 61 located on the frame, crane and latch all match the last two digits of the serial number located on the butt, which could be important to some collectors. This one can be used for fun or practice in good conscience, but the double action trigger pull is not light.