Single Action Army    .45
7 1/2" barrel, blue/CC finish
Year: 1897      Estimated value: $3,350.00
This is an un-buffed original finish condition matching numbers Colt SAA from 1897. It has sharp edges all around, correct and perfectly fitting un-numbered grips (Colt wasnít scratching the SNís into the grips at this time). It shows about 25% original charcoal blue and 10% case colors, in protected areas only. The Colt Single Actions are among the most prized and collected of all handguns, with their ties to the early American West, heroes and villians, Good single actions are never inexpensive, but plenty of refinished, cleaned-up, parts guns are found at nearly every gun show. If you spend for an SAA, do lots of research first, and look at many many guns in your hand before jumping in.