2nd Gen. 1851 Navy    .36
With box and outer sleeve.
Year: 1971      Estimated value: $600.00
Colt began its run of 2nd generation black powder revolvers with this Model, first with the Grant-Lee series (an example is illustrated elsewhere on this site) and then regular production models, Model C1121, on June 28, 1971. Its original suggested retail price was $150.00. This particular example includes a picture box, from a gun two digits in SN different than the gun, very likely switched by the original shop owner, or its first owner who may have purchased a sequential pair. A rarity with these guns is to find them with their outer cardboard sleeve as shown here. Notice the wear of some of the thin silver plating at the backstrap. Also, a photo of the gun from the bottom is presented just to show off the silver, very pretty. The value of this type of set is about $600, without a presentation case and accessories, but for this particular model, in otherwise minty condition could be worth a bit less, but perhaps offset by the sleeve.